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The Question Space
The Question Space
Tools to aid recovery from workplace and other bullying
Gail Foster has experienced the trauma of workplace bullying and has combined her experience, recovery and professional expertise in social work, mental health, life coaching and teaching to provide insight and simple, practical tools which encourage healing and growth.
This timely and inspiring book gives hope to those who have been the target of the workplace bully.
First aid principles and exercises are given to reduce the impact of the initial trauma, and a variety of resources, work and referral options and support are suggested. The book looks at the ‘big picture’ and asks the reader to consider their purpose and legacy. Clear explanations are given for the common experiences of grief, loneliness and shame.
Available as a soft cover book, or in e-book format.
six Months in Wonderland
Six Months in Wonderland
A true story set in Tasmania
Six Months in Wonderland is a true story. Wonderland is a beautiful area of rain forest under the shadow of Mt Wellington in Hobart, the capital city of Tasmania, Australia’s island state. A rustic, 3 story house, surrounded by tall eucalypt trees and bustling with native wildlife is the setting for a new beginning for Gail and her two teenage daughters.
Bats in the ceiling, leeches in the yard and a soap eating rat in the bathroom make lateral thinking and humour a survival necessity.
There is plenty of adventure in this book. Gail’s upbringing included peacocks regularly landing on the roof of the family home and experiencing the horrific 1967 bushfires. Gail experienced a number of "narrow misses" – she missed the Granville train disaster in Sydney by 24 hours, a change of plans prevented her family from being at Port Arthur on the day of the massacre, and a trip home saved her from death or injury from the boiler explosion at Mt St Canice.
This is a Tasmanian book with universal themes. Wonderland is a place and also an attitude – an attitude of hope, love and humour.
Six Months in Wonderland is a beautiful hard cover book, illustrated with numerous colour photos.
Bully Online
Bullyonline website
We recommend visiting Bullyonline in the UK.
Created by Tim Field, this is the world's
largest online resource on workplace
bullying and related issues.
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